CamBuff is a tiny gadget that lets you use an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch as a wireless remote for your DSLR. It has some pretty cool features which make it different from other DSLR remotes in the market :

  • Easy to use – just plug the device into camera and run the app.
  • Runs up-to 16 hours on full battery charge
  • 30m-50m wireless range from iOS device.
  • Slick – Snappy UI for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Standalone Intervalometer/Time-lapse/Bulb mode photography.

iOS app:

CamBuff’s companion iOS app has some pretty cool features that we love as photographers.

  • Control settings of your camera like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance, etc.
  • Programmed photography modes which allow you to setup TimeLapse/Bulb mode shots in a jiffy.
  • Standalone operation – You can walk away after setting up a TimeLapse.
  • Appropriately placed controls so that you never miss a shot.


CamBuff Enclosure v1 (first iteration):

CamBuff Enclosure v1

Supported DSLRs:

CamBuff supports most DSLRs from Nikon and Canon launched after 2002. More specifically, the following models are known to work with CamBuff :

Canon DSLRs :

  • EOS-1D
  • EOS-1D Mark III
  • EOS-1D Mark IV
  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS 5D Mark III
  • EOS 6D
  • EOS 7D
  • EOS 30D
  • EOS 40D
  • EOS 60D
  • EOS 300D/Digital Rebel/Kiss Digital
  • EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT/Kiss Digital N
  • EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi/Kiss Digital X
  • EOS 450D/Rebel XSi/Kiss X2
  • EOS 500D/Rebel T1i/Kiss X3
  • EOS 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4
  • EOS 600D/Rebel T3i/Kiss X5
  • EOS 1000D/Rebel XS/Kiss F
  • EOS 1100D/Rebel T3/Kiss X50

Nikon DSLRs :

  • Nikon D2X
  • Nikon D40
  • Nikon D60
  • Nikon D70
  • Nikon D90
  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon D300S
  • Nikon D700
  • Nikon D5000
  • Nikon D5100
  • Nikon D7000

Current Status:

CamBuff is currently back in development mode after a brief stint at an Indiegogo campaign. We are in the process of making the device more compact and adding Android support.